About me

The power to heal and grow is always present within us. Experiences big and small have affected each of our abilities to access that power. It can be hard to find ourselves in the noise, even when we make great efforts.

My aim is to create a space of self exploration and self acceptance, not just through talk, which is powerful, but by tuning into our bodies and our environment. Therapy is a collaborative process where we find, together, how to best meet your needs. I use psychodynamic, mindfulness, and cognitive behavioral techniques while also bringing in mind-body modalities and ecotherapy practices. Our sessions may even include healing rituals from around the globe, including my own homes of the southwestern US and Mexico.

I have a passion for trauma care and utilize EMDR, an evidence based therapy for trauma reprocessing, for those who need it. I have been providing therapy to LGBTQ+ clients since 2014. I also have over five years’ experience specializing in clients living with chronic illness and family caregivers. I prioritize an identity-affirming environment where we focus on what brings you to therapy.

I offer additional services for queer, gender nonconforming and transgender clients who are seeking support accessing gender affirming medical care, in English or Spanish.

The power to heal and grow is always present within us; let’s build on your power!